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Jerry Kessler mourns the loss of Mr. Proudman

Jerry Kessler mourns the loss of Mr. Proudman

The young pinscher, who accompanied Kessler to many social events, was 16 years old.

Mr. Brodman (Named after flight instructor Jerry Kessler) It was almost a cult in Viennese society. Some loved it, others were a little afraid, because the little Pinscher could express its mood by pinching it.

For example, he once caught the former Profil boss at the opening of Graz Diagonale Christian Rainer On the finger. There have been repeated reports in community circles of Mr. Brodman's little bites.

Starter of the ball of life Jerry KesslerThe dog of his heart has now passed away at the age of 16.

I had to drop the pins, Mr. Broadman, twice. “A few years ago, when Stefan and I went our separate ways and he had to stay with him because the two were inseparable,” Kessler recalled via Facebook.

Stefan It is his ex-partner who brought the little dog with him 16 years ago.

“For Brody, it was a relief after a long, exciting life — and that's what it's all about,” Kessler asserts.

“Brody was only the size of a handbag, but he had the heart of a lion. His mood swings soon became legendary and filled the newspapers. I could not stand his constant escapes to dog ladies ten times his size. He frightened, annoyed and annoyed many drivers,” Keszler said. “On the country roads of southern Burgenland. “He was sure nine people were killed.”

“In an embrace Charlize Theron or Bill Clinton He made himself comfortable, even throughout the evening Demi Moore. There was a little boy in front of Vincent van Gogh in the Albertina, there was a little boy on the red carpet – all of that got me into trouble. The dog that everyone wanted to pet often didn't like it very much. Countless people have had an experience that came as more of a shock than a surprise. But people still talk about it today as if they were members of a famous circle.”

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