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Jeunesse Concert – From Baroque music to film music at the Kunsthaus Horn

Jeunesse Concert – From Baroque music to film music at the Kunsthaus Horn

The string quartet of Caroline Schöbinger-Mock (flute), Joachim Selod (clarinet), Monika Selod (bassoon), and Daniel Mock (double bass) wowed the audience with “Music Along the Thaya” in the Kunsthaus ballroom.

Harald Schuh, director of Jeunesse-music.erleben Horn: “The quartet, composed of four musicians from the border region of the Wald and Wenviertel, set itself the task of performing works by old masters as well as composers from Austria and the Czech Republic.”

Her artistic repertoire was not limited only to Baroque and film music, but also included a wide range of international composers. Between compositions such as Mozart's “A Little Night Music”, Dvorak's “Slavic Dances”, or Vivaldi's “Seasons”, the string quartet surprised with rarities from the Czech Republic such as Emil Stolk's waltz “Flower Whisper” or the Polish composer's flute concerto. Madame Lashansky, a contemporary of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Inspired by Theatal

What sets it apart: Thanks to the exceptional line-up of the quartet, each piece of music has been rearranged and thus given a new and contemporary touch, which can also be read as a cross-cultural element.

The green oasis of the Thaya Valley, which runs through Austria and the south of the Czech Republic, was a frequent source of inspiration for composer Daniel Mock, who also played double bass in this concert and was responsible for the arrangements. The audience thanked the quartet for the enjoyable evening of music with great applause.

Harald Schuh (Head of Jeunesse music.erleben, Horn Office) with musicians Caroline Schöbinger-Mock, Joachim Selod, Monika Selod and Daniel Mock.

Edward Renninger