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Jetson One: A one-person plane was introduced

Jetson One: A one-person plane was introduced

It’s somewhat reminiscent of scenes from Star Wars where Luke Skywalker flies over the desert planet of Tatooine at Earth speed. But unlike the fictional world, the multiple helicopters made by Swedish companies are real Jetson Aero Apply now. a Youtube video The flying car is shown in action:

Jetson One can hold out 102 km/h It flies fast and has a gross output 88 kW (118 hp). owns one Aluminum and carbon body And 8 rotors. However, the battery only lasts for about 15 to 20 minutes flight time.

Multiple helicopters are controlled by a joystick and one throttle. he weighs 86 kg They can be pilots with a maximum weight 95 kg Dressed. The rotor arms can be folded. Measures when unfolded 2,8 x 2,4 x 1m.

3 helicopters still available

12 It should be Jetson One already 2022 was connected, 4 Some of them go to Europe. One flying car at a time Germany, Spain, Italy And Sweden Earth. the next day Official 2023 still 3 pieces of Available, as you say on the site. Jetson One costs $92,000 (just under 79,000 euros)Upon request, deposit $22,000 Because.

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