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Jeunesse Concert – The “Hola Winds” blew at Rosenau Castle

Jeunesse Concert – The “Hola Winds” blew at Rosenau Castle

Contemporary, funky and international – that's how the band Holawind describes themselves. The four ladies Katharina Durschmid (dulcimer, oboe, vocals), Camilla Geiselbrecht (cello, vocals), Rafaella Gmeiner (violin, vocals) and Sarah Kowal (harp, instrument, vocals) are distinguished by their originality and diversity. They are always happy to receive reinforcements and appear regularly with guests.

Some call it new popular music, others call it world music. Holawwind is no longer unknown on the scene. Since 2015, the young Austrian quartet has been present on a wide range of stages, such as concert halls and theatres, in bars and even in clubs. Or as in Rosenau Castle in the wine bar with their program “Do you have time?”

Of annoying dreams and obligations

The question “Do you have time?” Not trite, and certainly not obvious. In the new program “Hollowwind” you dream a lot of musical creativity and then return to annoying obligations, set priorities and ignore them, or look for new beginnings, laze around and dance. The group takes time to question a lot of things, think things through, be very serious and then laugh loudly and heartily.

“Holawind”'s music is relaxed and carefree, deep and emotional, telling very personal stories in which the audience can see themselves. The music of the four women also receives special attention thanks to their unique instrumentation.

They move between Viennese songs, jazz, pop, classical and film music. Her texts are funny, honest and to the point. With sophistication and sensitivity, they weave together musical genres from around the world, resulting in unique arrangements consisting primarily of their own compositions.

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“Holawind” has already released two albums. It is no coincidence that the second album is titled “Migratory Birds,” as they fly every year, head toward the starry sky, experience the distance up close, and then return to their origins.

The four ladies loved birds, traveled the world and were inspired by foreign tunes. The combined impressions have resulted in complex original compositions and sophisticated arrangements that maintain a connection to their own musical roots. An album that makes you want to travel!

Tony Trouble was once again responsible for the good tone of the evening. The new head of the Meierhof Heurigen, Helena Weissenhofer, received many guests and was supported by her parents.