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Joe Biden: Vladimir Putin must be paid to interfere in the US election

The statement came in an interview aired on the television channel ABC News on Wednesday. The previous day, a US intelligence report had accused Putin of trying to influence the US presidential election in November. The goal should have been to contribute to the re-election of Donald Trump.

Biden says the two presidents spoke together in January after Biden was founded.

– We had a long conversation, he and I. The conversation started with me saying in the interview that “I know you, you know me. If I find out that this happened, you should be ready”.

– Attack on Russia

Ruslands President Vladimir Putin. Photo: NDP

Asked if he believed Putin, who has been repeatedly accused of using brutal means against the opposition, was a murderer.

It was not well received in Russia.

– Biden insults our citizens and our country with his statement, writes Vyacheslav Volodin in a telegram.

“The attack on Putin is an attack on Russia,” he added.

Do not sabotage

On Tuesday, Putin proposed a Russian move to damage Joe Biden’s candidacy, according to the U.S. intelligence chief.

U.S. intelligence has investigated allegations that foreign actors sabotaged the election process and manipulated election results, but this has not been the case.

The report concludes that Russian hackers made no consistent attempt to infiltrate the machines used during the election process, as they did during previous elections.

Iran says it tried

According to the report, Iran sought to infiltrate the so-called critical infrastructure, which is said to affect the outcome in favor of Biden. They did not succeed in changing the data or influencing the vote, the number or the result, the result.

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Both Russia and Iran have previously denied allegations that they tried to influence the election.

Intelligence has not revealed Chinese efforts to influence the election results – not the support of Trump or Biden.

At the same time, the report says that many foreign actors have collected information that could be used to influence the election results, but this did not happen.