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8 killed in massage parlors in Atlanta – NRK Urix – Overseas News and Documentaries

Five people have been shot dead at an Asian massage parlor on the outskirts of Aquorne. Two of them were pronounced dead at the scene, while the rest were taken to hospital, two of whom died, Cherokee County Police spokesman Jay Baker said. CNN.

Four more died at two stations located opposite each other in Atlanta. Both salons are about 50 miles from Aquarius, where the shooting is said to have taken place about an hour later.

Baker says Cherokee police believe the man arrested was behind the shooting in Atlanta.

Photo: Mike Stewart / A.P.

Uncertain about purpose

Police say a 21-year-old man was arrested after a police operation 240 kilometers south of Atlanta. The car of the arrested person should have been monitored by video surveillance, he writes Washington Post.

Police are still working to confirm the 21-year-old man behind all the murders.

They did not want to confirm the intent of “but did not exclude anything”, according to a statement.

Interest groups have already responded to these killings, and fear that Americans of Asian descent will be particularly vulnerable to violence and killings.

Rodney Bryant, chief of the Atlanta Police Department, says the victims in the city are all women and “they seem to be Asians.”

In this case, the FBI

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