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Jolt plans to build 5000 HPC chargers in Europe and the US

Jolt plans to build 5000 HPC chargers in Europe and the US

Munich company Jolt Energy and ADS-TEC Energy, a company in the field of battery-buffered fast charging technology, announced the launch as part of their strategic partnership. High-speed charging stations in major cities Gaining momentum in Europe and America. A recent example was the opening of a high-speed, battery-buffered charging station a few days ago. At the ESSO gas station in Stuttgart.

ADS-TEC Energy develops and manufactures battery-buffered, high-speed charging stations for electric cars. Even power-limited grids can be charged in minutes instead of hours can The intelligent and scalable charging station enables fast charging up to 320 kW. Munich charging network operator Jolt acquires and operates battery and charging technology from ADS-TEC Energy. Also, the two companies are jointly developing innovative mobile fast charging stations.

Jolt has already started using battery-buffered ADS-TEC Energy charging stations: they will be installed at EG Group’s ESSO gas stations in Munich, Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Dresden, Düsseldorf and Nuremberg. Tamoil gas stations in the Netherlands. Specifically, Jolt plans to install 120 high-speed charging points at 60 ESSO locations within the next six to eight months.

Jolt is working with ADS-TEC Energy, consulting firm Pataki-Cahill and engineering firm Acom as it expands in the US. In total, Jolt plans to install and operate 5,000 high-speed charging stations from ADS-TEC Energy over the next five years.

This partnership enables Jolt to deploy its charging network in cities and metros even faster. For us, speed and flexibility to deliver high-quality, high-speed charging in major metros are keysays Maurice Nelligan, CEO of Jolt Energy Group. He praises ADS-TEC Energy’s intelligent charging and battery technology in terms of efficiency, low noise and charging time.

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Source: ADS-TEC – News release from 07/27/2022