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America: What is Kamala Harris doing?  – Politics

America: What is Kamala Harris doing? – Politics

This question suddenly came up last week when US President Joe Biden was confirmed to be infected with Covid. Biden is 79 years old and belongs to a group of people who are at risk of contracting Covid. Question: If Biden dies, is his running mate Kamala Harris ready to take over the state’s highest office? Not an entirely far-fetched thought: Eight vice presidents have gone to the White House since the president died in office.

The question of whether Harris is ready hasn’t been publicly debated, as Biden rarely gives the impression he’s out of shape, even if he seems a little goofy at times. He recently fell off his bike but quickly got back up, and the incident seemed to be a testament to his fitness. Related to the question of whether Harris would be ready, a second question arose: What does Kamala Harris actually do all day?

The vice president has recently made several speeches attacking Republicans on abortion, but has otherwise remained remarkably out of the public eye. Some observers in Washington believe there is a strategy behind this. Harris speculates that Biden won’t run for president again in 2024, and as a rule, if the vice-presidential incumbent wants the presidential nomination, they get it. According to speculation, Harris’ plan is to distance himself from the now unpopular Biden and avoid damaging his own reputation.

Hillary Clinton’s name is hitting again for the Democratic Party

Biden quickly recovered from his infection, but questions about Harris lingered. Not only does the media ask what he should be for president, but they often ask who else could run for the Democratic Party since Harris isn’t particularly popular. Political consultant Douglas Schoen brought the most original idea to these discussions. He believes a certain Hillary Clinton should lead the Democratic Party in the 2024 presidential campaign. Clinton, 74, largely retired from politics after her surprise election loss to Donald Trump in 2016.

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The fact that Harris is so little trusted that even the Clinton name is involved again is largely justified by the fact that she has relatively little experience in federal politics. When Biden made her his number two, she hadn’t been in the Senate for four years. However, many vice presidents and even presidents throughout history can say the same. For example, Barack Obama, who won the 2008 presidential election, was only elected to the Senate in 2005. Harris seems to be measured with particularly strict standards. Some observers suspect it has less to do with their experience and more to do with the rampant misogyny in American politics.