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Josephstadt: Sustainable Beauty Treatments at “SoOh! Aesthetics”

Josephstadt: Sustainable Beauty Treatments at “SoOh! Aesthetics”

For lovers of beauty treatments, a new and sustainable offer has recently been introduced in Josefstadt.

Vienna/Josephstadt. Vienna’s MOOI, known for its sustainable beauty treatments, expands its headquarters to 120 square meters and welcomes SoOh! Aesthetics in a newly renovated historic building. The beauty center is located at Lerchengasse 36/7. Petra And Norbert Mayer Co-lead this project Luke And Isabel Zengel.

While “MOOI” focuses on nails, eyebrows and eyelashes, “SoOh!” Specializes. For minimally invasive treatments such as drops, injections and facials. “SoOh! is about efficiency and transparency,” says CEO Petra Mayer. “We value the origin of our products – a unique selling point. Just as we verify the source of food, we must also do the same in the medical sector.”

“MOOI” expands with “SoOh!” An aesthetic medical concept at the highest level, limited to the basics. A team of doctors from general medicine, dermatology and surgery focus on minimally invasive procedures, injections, instillations and facial treatments.

The overall package ranked eighth

“Suh!” Combines “So Oh” – an expression of wonder, with a nod to “Soho”, reflecting global influences. Quality, transparency and professional expertise are what distinguish this pioneering concept of medical beauty care. Products are explained in detail during consultations to ensure an optimal customer experience.

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