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That will change in 2023 for drivers and motorcyclists

That will change in 2023 for drivers and motorcyclists

From June 1, 2023, the motor vehicle insurance tax for motor homes of body type SA (maximum permissible gross weight up to 3.5 tons with a basic N-class vehicle) will be calculated based on combustion engine power in kW, which will lead to a significant reduction in taxation.

  • New carbon dioxide limits for calculating in-kind benefits

From January 1, only 1.5 percent of the payment in kind will be made for all vehicles (up to a maximum of 720 euros per month) that emit no more than 132g of CO2 per kilometre. For vehicles with higher CO2 emissions, the basis for calculating benefits in kind is 2 percent (up to a maximum of 960 euros per month). Electric and hydrogen vehicles are still exempt from payment in kind.

  • Charging the company’s electric cars

On January 1, 2023, a loophole in the benefits-in-kind law will be closed: accordingly, the installation of the wall box in the employee’s private environment at the expense of the company in the future will be exempt from benefits in kind. In the future, there will also be no payment in kind for electricity costs when charging at home if the company bears these costs.

  • New definitions of the ASFINAG highway cabin

A glimpse of the 2023 tariffs:

New tariffs for 2023 for cars (or all two-lane vehicles up to 3.5 tons gross):
10-day vignette: €9.90
Vignette for two months: 29.00 €
Annual vignette: €96.40

New definitions for 2023 for motorcycles (single-track vehicles):
Vignette for 10 days: €5.80
Vignette for two months: 14.50 €
Annual vignette: €38.20

  • Increased parking fees for short periods in Vienna

Parking in Vienna has become more expensive again. From January 1, 2023, the following tariffs will apply in the Federal Capital:

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15 minutes (purple parking ticket): Free

30 minutes: (red parking ticket): €1.25

60 minutes (blue parking ticket): €2.50

90 minutes (green parking ticket): €3.75

120 minutes (yellow parking ticket): 5 €