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Julia Fordea and Jacob Glanzner

Julia Fordea and Jacob Glanzner

When the first episode of “Café Puls” was broadcast in Austria in August 2005 Julia Fordea She was eleven years old and liked what she saw: “As a student, I really enjoyed watching 'Café Puls' before I had to go. “And that's exactly what I wanted to do – wake up, inform and entertain all Austrians,” says the 29-year-old, who She was crowned Miss Austria in 2014, for her new role on the hit breakfast show Puls 4 and streaming service Gwen.

Julia Fordea is no stranger to this show: between 2018 and 2022, she presented the weather and then hosted “Café Puls” in the afternoon. You will be driving on the morning of January 2 starting at 5:30 AM Jacob Glanzner. The two alternate each week with breakfast TV veterans Bianca Schwarzjerg and Florian Danner.

Florian Danner and Bianca Schwarzberg

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Good news week

Media professionals regularly hear from recipients that they want to include more positive news in their programming. Alone: ​​In practice, proper regulation of news is difficult to implement. Puls 4 dares you to do a limited-time trial: Furdea and Glanzner's first week is also a “good news only” week. “At the Puls-Couch Café, you will focus on the good things in life and therefore on “those people and stories that give you confidence, joy, strength and make you laugh,” says the presenter.

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