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DrinkOMat: 3D printed cocktail mixer to build yourself

DrinkOMat: 3D printed cocktail mixer to build yourself

Manufacturer Walter Greger has published “DrinkOMat,” a 3D-printed drink mixer, as an open project. 3D model files for chassis parts as well as a shopping list for electronic components are available for free.

According to Greger, the DrinkOMat can be made entirely on your own with a reasonable amount of effort, provided you have a certain level of experience with electronics, software, and 3D printing. In turn, you can create your own battery-powered cocktail mixer with Bluetooth connectivity and an app.

The internal part consists mainly of two circuit boards: a main board with an ESP32 microcontroller and an extension for fuses. There are also small pumps, hoses and various connections as well as a large display.

Circuit boards as well as pumps and valves are first integrated into the 3D printed structure. This is followed by the somewhat difficult assembly of the hoses including the filling nozzle.

According to Greger, the combination of different pumps and valves allows you to prepare classic tall drinks and foamy cocktails. DrinkOMat is controlled on its own iOS app.

Overall, it's an exciting project for all amateur bartenders with a flair for technology. on Project page In addition to 3D model files and circuit diagrams, there are also detailed building instructions. On too something different And github You can find the project.

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