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June 20-July 4: Rad-Donauenselkop goes to the next round

June 20-July 4: Rad-Donauenselkop goes to the next round

The first two Rad-Donauinselcups have already been successful. After a short break, the participants are now ready to pedal hard again.

Vienna. The wheels are getting hot again on Danube Island, because Danube Island Cup Going to the next round soon. Two events have already been held on the popular island this year. Then the athletes had a short break.

In the TuesdayAnd June 20th, but it is vigorously stirred again. It is step by step. The third cup race takes place. Only after a short time, in the first week of vacation Fourth of Julythe fourth day of the race is already on the agenda.

Registration is also possible on the site

The racing format for youngsters is always the same. Participants collect points at three different stations. At the start there is a technical course adapted to age, the second leg is an 80m sprint and at the end there is a bicycle race, which is a criterium, with intermediate races in the programme.

In each discipline you collect points. In the end, the winner is the participant with the most points from all three competitions. Races start at 4.30pm each day. Registration is also possible on race day until 4pm directly on site. Participation in the cup is free.

“In the past few weeks, many of the baby tasters have been with us in training,” he shows Roland Waffler, the founder of the new form of tuning racing, satisfied. For anyone who has become curious or has a desire to ride a bike, the Radleistungsmodell (RLM) Vienna organizes a trial training session in the Cyclodrom (near the wind turbine near Steinspornbrücke) the day before the next race, ie on June 19 at 4.30 p.m. lasting about an hour and a half.

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Interested in a trial?

You can also come to this training directly by bike without registration. If you do not have time on this day, you can also arrange an individual appointment for a tasting session by sending an email to [email protected].

Who will be crowned the winner of the Danube Island?  |  Photo: RLM Vienna

Those who enjoyed time trial training can put their skills to the test on the next day of racing and fight for the coveted yellow leader jersey. The RLM Wien kids are currently having great success in the Cup, with four athletes advancing in the various intermediate classifications.

Lisa Bramaure leads the WU11 class, Ilvie Wafler leads in WU13, Gustav Barsuglia leads in MU13, and Romeo Haschka leads in MU15.

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