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Jürgen Tritten criticizes Habeck and Berbock

Jürgen Tritten criticizes Habeck and Berbock

Green Party leaders Annalina Barbock and Robert Habeck have agreed on who will take the post of vice chancellor if the government is involved. Not only Jürgen Tritten sees this critically.

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Annala Barbuk He had a prominent role as a candidate for the green chancellor, but ended up in the Bundestag elections but finally took third place behind Olaf Scholz (SPD) and Armin Laschet (DUP/CSU). The day after the election, Barbock became co-chair of the party Robert Habeck Speculated as a potential deputy chancellor. Jürgen Tretten He criticizes such planning. First of all, in his opinion, the government should be negotiated.

“We are negotiating a government that will put Germany on a 1.5-degree path. After that, a decision will be made as to who will get the position,” the former federal environment minister told Spiegel. He also stated: “That the party and not just two people decide in personal discussions.”

All other questions have also been clarified.

It is clear that the “two people” that Trittin is addressing here are Green Party chairs Annalena Barbock and Robert Habeck. When asked who is leading the upcoming negotiations on government involvement among the Greens and who will next become the vice chancellor, Habeck said on Monday: “We will conduct the negotiations together as elected federal presidents. Point. All other questions were clarified as well.” But he did not reveal which one should be.

In parts of the Green Parliamentary group, criticism of simulation games by Baerbock and Habeck was also high, the German Liberation Network (RND) reported. A participant was quoted as saying after a meeting within the faction’s left wing that they were “extremely angry at Robert Habeck’s move today.” Burbock will not be allowed to “now get the role of a woman in the office.”

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Robert Habeck and Annalena Barbock the day after the federal election in Berlin: Green party leaders announced at a press conference that “all other questions have also been clarified”. (Source: IMAGO / Metodi Popow)

Prior to this, rumors had already circulated that Habek should take this position in a possible government. The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung first reported on Monday that the Greens had long agreed on Habeck as vice chancellor in the event of a poor election result.