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This is why masked men climbed under the roof of Dortmund's stadium

This is why masked men climbed under the roof of Dortmund's stadium

According to the police, the man who climbed under the roof of Dortmund Stadium during the European Championship round of 16 match against Denmark (match report >>>) was not carrying any dangerous objects with him.

curious! Police took a man from the roof of the stadium in Dortmund >>>

“According to preliminary findings, the 21-year-old wanted to take pictures on the pitch, as he had done elsewhere in Germany,” the executive said on Sunday. “He was carrying camera equipment in a backpack. At no time was there any danger to other people on the pitch.”

The players were informed of the incident

Police are currently ruling out a political motive. The crime is being investigated for trespassing. On Sunday, officials explained the timing of the incident that occurred during the match between Germany and Denmark (2-0).

“Since the situation at the stadium became known to the police at 10:11 p.m., the police were able to monitor the 21-year-old player continuously and assess the situation at any time,” he added. “He did not pose any danger.” At 11:44 p.m., after the match had ended, the man followed police instructions and was arrested by a special unit.

The German and Danish players were informed of the incident. However, the incidents had no significant impact on the match or the exits after the match. As the German Football Association confirmed on Sunday, referee Michael Oliver informed the captains of the two teams, Ilkay Gundogan and Kasper Schmeichel, of the incident before the start of the second half.

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The man wanted to take “good pictures.”

Police said the man wanted to “take photos of prominent buildings at great heights in April 2022 in Herne and in May 2024 in Ulm.” When questioned by criminal police that night, the man from Osnabrück said he “just wanted to take 'good pictures'.”

Police said UEFA uses its own staff to provide security around and inside stadiums. Police are currently unable to determine how the man entered the stadium.

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