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Justin Bieber cancels the remaining concerts of his world tour

Justin Bieber cancels the remaining concerts of his world tour

Pop star Justin Bieber, who is suffering from a nervous condition, appears to have canceled the last concerts of his already stalled world tour. Ticketmaster’s website says a “cancellation” is behind all the concerts the Canadian singer has planned for the coming months. Among others, it affected planned appearances in Great Britain, France, Poland, Australia and the United States.

Media reported that fans received notifications from concert organizers about the cancellation. Therefore, tickets must be refunded.

Reuters/USA Today Sports/Mark J. Repelas

Bieber went public with a case of Ramsay Hunt syndrome last June and suspended his Justice League world tour. The syndrome is a rare neurological condition that can lead to inflammation, paralysis of the facial nerve, and hearing loss. One side of his face was “completely paralyzed,” and he couldn’t blink, smile, or move his nose, the singer of songs like “Baby,” “Sorry,” and “Love Yourself” explained at the time.

Bieber, who turned 29 on Wednesday, then resumed touring but stopped again in September after six live shows. He explained on Instagram that returning to the stage was premature. After his last performance, he was “overcome by exhaustion” and realized he had to make his health a “priority”.

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