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Ed Sheeran: He discovered a tumor in the pregnant wife

Ed Sheeran: He discovered a tumor in the pregnant wife

Songwriting is his therapy: “It helps me understand my feelings.” After all, he just started writing without giving much thought to how the songs should be. “And in just over a week, I’d traded a decade’s worth of work for my deepest, darkest thoughts.”

Fate after fate

Within a month there were many blows of fate in the life of the star. His pregnant wife was diagnosed with a tumor that could only be treated after the baby was born. Then the musician’s best friend died. Sheeran also had to fight a copyright battle in court. “I was in a spiral of anxiety, depression and anxiety,” Sheeran admitted.

The 32-year-old recently wrote that “turbulent things” in his private life made him use less social media, without elaborating. “I didn’t feel like going online and pretending to be someone I wasn’t.” He knows this sounds funny, but he wants to be completely honest, he says.

The singer and his wife Sherry Seaborn Married since January 2019. First daughter Lyra Antarctica Born in August 2020, the little one followed in 2022 Jupiter. The two completely keep their personal lives out of the public eye.

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