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Kainz has a 'good feeling' and is already looking forward to Frankfurt

Kainz has a 'good feeling' and is already looking forward to Frankfurt

1. FC Köln earned a draw in Wolfsburg thanks to a brave and, at times, attractive performance. Captain Florian Kainz then explained the progress compared to the previous week and took a look at Frankfurt, and Max Winkgraaf was happy to be nominated once again in the starting line-up.

FC captain Florian Kainz was happy to win the point in Wolfsburg.

It wasn't all bad in the 4-0 defeat to Borussia Dortmund last week. Seven days later, the Cologne team was able to put in a strong performance over the entire distance, giving FC at least one point. About nine minutes after the match was restarted due to an injury to assistant referee Thorben Seewer, Cologne celebrated Fred Aledo's opening goal, but an equalizer immediately followed. Kainz, who indirectly set up the opening goal from a free kick, said: “A point we are very happy to have with us.” “It is not easy to play away to Wolfsburg in this situation.” Many things that were planned have been implemented.

“Great”: Finkgräfe is happy to have a lot of working time

Youngster Max Finkgräfe saved his team from a supposed deficit with a brutal tackle in the second half and was delighted to be named in the starting line-up again after the end of the match. “Unbelievable. Another 90 minutes for 1. FC Köln, fantastic.” The 19-year-old defensive talent described the draw as “deserved” and modestly rated his performance as “good”.

But Finkgräfe was particularly notable not only for his powerful tackles. He was the one who hit assistant referee Seewer's head in the 14th minute while trying to clear the ball. As a result, the assistant was forced to stop, resulting in a strange event. “I apologized immediately after that, but now I'm trying to find him again to apologize,” the left-back said.

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The 1-1 draw allowed Cologne to rise to 16th place, at least until Sunday. “We have a good feeling,” summed up Kainz regarding next week's first match against Eintracht Frankfurt (Saturday, 6:30 p.m., live! on Kicker).