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Kalin: “I fell in love on just the second listen.”

Kalin: “I fell in love on just the second listen.”

“I only fell in love with the song the second time I listened to it. At first I didn't think it could be the song I was going to ESC with,” Kallen says of “We Will Rave.” The 29-year-old from Ried im Tronkreis, whose real name is Marie-Sophie Kreisel, befriended the pop hit: “Now I'm the queen of rave and I'm going to Malmö.” says the energetic singer, dancer, choreographer and founder of the brand.

In the second semi-final on May 9, “I want to make myself and Austria proud, after all I have a job to do at ESC.” During yesterday's show of the techno-inspired pop song at Runacher in Vienna, the video for “We Will Rave,” which was recorded in Los Angeles, was particularly eye-catching. Punk and with a lot of skin, this is what a red, white and red contribution to the European singing competition should look like.

“The video is better than the song”

Kalin: “I like the video almost more than the song.” For the number, which still seems to take some getting used to for performers, ORF has joined the famous ESC professionals in Denmark. The songwriting team includes Thomas Steingard, producer of the winning Danish song “Only Teardrops” by Emilie de Forest since 2013. The fact that the competition was also being held in Malmö at the time may be seen as a motivating omen.

Swedish producer and songwriter Jimmy Thornfeldt also holds ESC laurels: last year he was jointly responsible for Loren's winning Swedish title track “Tattoo”. Thornfeldt has worked with stars like Lady Gaga and Enrique Iglesias and has a Grammy on his business card (Pitbull's album “Dale”). Vocal coach Monica Balwin assists Callen vocally, and Canadian Lucas MacFarlane (“X-Factor,” “The Voice”) creates the important choreography to showcase the uptempo pop song.

In addition to numerous championship titles in dance, Kalin herself brings a lot of personal experience to the Eurovision Song Contest. She has been part of the active ESC entourage since 2018, including as a choreographer and dancer for Spain and Bulgaria: “I know which train is heading towards me.”

“Make it a long way forward”

In terms of content, “We Will Rave” aims to have a mood-lifting effect. It's about finding musical refuge. When hearts are broken, the song aims to heal the problems of wounded souls. Kalin is confident that she will not need the song to soothe her soul on May 9 in Malmö, but she will qualify for the final two days later: “With this number I can show everything that distinguishes me. With this I will go. There is a long way behind us to pay it forward.”

ESC in Malmö The semi-final matches will be held on May 7 and 9 (with Kaline). The top ten qualify for the final on May 11, along with Italy, Germany, England, Spain, France and Sweden.


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