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Mario Loninger in conversation – Rolling Pin

Mario Loninger in conversation – Rolling Pin

From Alpine boy to world-class restaurant:…

From Grandpa's Bakery to the World of Stars: Mario Loninger in Conversation

Of course: Mario Loninger is Austrian in every sense of the word. But: Most of us now associate it with a very specific city – Frankfurt. That's because he has helped shape the food scene there for almost 20 years like very few others, and in a way that radiates far beyond Frankfurt's borders. It all started in 2004, when he opened the legendary (and now closed) Cocoon Club with his friend, techno DJ Sven Väth. There were two restaurants under Lohninger's management: The Micro and Silk – a lounge restaurant (!) that Mario will tell us a thing or two about. In any case, his restaurant Lohninger has become a staple of Frankfurt gastronomy since 2010. This is where Austrian cuisine meets its enviable creativity, and in some way the whole world too, because: Before coming to Frankfurt, this man He travels a lot.

Mario Loninger wants to “keep petting” his restaurant's baby in the future, but he doesn't rule out further ventures in principle – after all, many great restaurateurs “only started in business when they were 50”.

Born in Saalfelden, Austria, he has worked in Los Angeles, Munich, New York, Paris and Palo Alto. He undoubtedly left his biggest mark in the Big Apple. From 1999 to 2004, Loninger served as Executive Chef at Danube Restaurant, playing a major role in the current appeal of Austrian cuisine in the United States, and being named “Chef of the Year” by New York Magazine in 2002.

Today you can say: Mario Loninger has arrived. And in many ways. In The Big Podcast, he takes a look back at the difficult, eventful, intense and sometimes crazy years, his friendships, his teachers and his development – and finally also dares the former professional to look forward to what might be to come.

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