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Karl-May-Verlag benefited from Winnetou’s discussion

Karl-May-Verlag benefited from Winnetou’s discussion

In the summer, a heated discussion raged about Carl May’s character Winnetou. The publisher reports that book sales have been boosted as a result.

According to her own statements, Karl May Publishing benefited from Winnetou’s discussion. “A poll showed that at least 70 percent of Germans support Karl May and Winnetou. The whole thing also developed into a positive marketing campaign and gave a huge boost to the sale of Winnetou books,” the publisher said. dpa– asked with. He did not initially provide exact sales figures.

In the summer, sometimes violent debate about cultural appropriation and racism raged around Winnetou. This came after two books accompanying Winnetou’s new children’s movie were pulled by a publisher. Then some felt an exaggerated criticism of traditional material.

The publisher is happy to discuss

Later, the Karl May publishing house is happy to discuss, as it was announced as well. “Because some people have had a subconsciously negative image of Karl May for a long time and he has been accused, for example, of ignoring the genocide of Indians in his work.” Just looking at the introduction to “Winnetou I” is enough to know that this is not true at all.

She added that the publisher would be happy in the future if people first dealt with Karl May and his work before commenting on social media about what happened in many cases.


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