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Karlstag: discover art at Karlsplatz

Karlstag: discover art at Karlsplatz


Today the thirteenth day “Karlstag” is celebrated: the joint festival of art and culture houses at Karlsplatz offers a comprehensive program throughout the day. Admission to private tours, children’s workshops, and outdoor concerts is free.

The campaign is “a very good opportunity to learn about the many art and culture houses and initiatives around Karlsplatz,” assures city advisor for culture Veronica Kaup-Hassler (SPÖ). The seven-hour “Herr Karl MegaTour” program runs from 11:00 a.m. to all cultural institutions around the square, while the open-air program begins at 12:00 p.m. in the pond in front of the Karlskirche.

Rap workshop for kids

Interested parties can touch the keys of the open piano here. A varied family program will follow from 2 pm. In the park there are children’s art workshops and introductory performances for aspiring rappers and skaters.

Martina Legsack

Esrap shows children how to become a rapper.

In addition to the MegaTour, which visitors can join at any time, individual arts and cultural institutions offer their own tours of the TU and Secession.

Literature and concerts in the duck pond

Kurt Palm (“The Shark in Order”), Gustav Ernst (Colic), and Theresa Brauer introduce literature in the duck pond. “Girl” Präauer has been nominated for the Austrian Book Award 2022. The music support program will be designed by doppelfinger and Nino from Vienna, among others.

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