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Siegfried: More consistent than in Bayreuth

Siegfried: More consistent than in Bayreuth

“Siegfried” as Wagner’s premiere of “Ring” in the production of Aron Stiehl: artistically fun, musically respectable.

A dirty coat, a waistcoat with a watch chain, white hair and a beard under the hat: you can almost take it with you tan Confused by the dilapidated gentleman and the past, who steps in front of the curtain at the threatening front of the second act of “Siegfried”. But instead of a spear, he is marked with a missing hand: it is Alberich’s debut in Wagner’s premiere series “Ring des Nibelungen” in Klagenfurt, and Stefan Heidemann with good diction and striking tone shows that the underdog is far from exhausted. However, he must have been quite brutal when Wan Tan snatched the ring from him. In Aron Stiehl’s play of the quartet, “Rheingold” is presented only at the end of the 2024/25 season; Last year they started with ‘Valkyrie’, and ‘Götterdämmerung’ will follow next season.

Are Light Alb and Black Alb similar to each other, or are these similarities only etched over the years? This should still remain open, but one thing is already clear: the bold project, which requires all the strength of the house and many guests, is worth it.

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