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Kärntner Sparkasse is working on an alternative solution to the branch • KLiCK Kärnten

Kärntner Sparkasse is working on an alternative solution to the branch • KLiCK Kärnten


Sebastian Grayer

03/02/2024 at 6:30 pm
Updated on: February 3, 2024 at 6:39 pm

Flood damage: Kärntner Sparkasse is working on an alternative solution for the branch

Michael Koren is Director of the Board of Management of Kärntner Sparkassen AG.

Summer floods in 2023 caused permanent damage to the Kärntner Sparkasse Eberndorf.

After initial efforts to repair damage to the branch's operations, the branch had to be temporarily closed in mid-December. Kärntner Sparkasse is currently working hard in cooperation with its owner to find a quick and good solution for the affected customers and employees.

The damage is greater than expected

After a difficult site search, Kärntner Sparkasse was able to realize its wish to establish an additional Sparkasse branch in Jauntal in 2021. Best accessibility, excellent infrastructure in the immediate vicinity and friendly and competent customer service: a concept that has been very well received in the region. Due to heavy rains, problems started in the summer of 2023. Bad news for Kärntner Sparkasse came in January: the damage to the building where Kärntner Sparkasse was rented was greater than expected. The renovation will take much longer than originally expected.

We work under high pressure!

“This is a very annoying situation for our customers and for our team in Eberndorf. We are currently working hard with our owner to find the best possible solution so that we can offer all the usual services to our customers on site in Eberndorf as quickly as possible,” Kärntner Sparkasse retail board member Michael Koren told , who declared the issue a top priority. Until the replacement branch is completed, customers can switch to the Völkermarkt and Bleiburg branches.

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