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Kate and William: An Attack on the Front Pages of the United States

Kate and William: An Attack on the Front Pages of the United States

Things are not going well for Sussex in the United States. At least not professionally wise. In 2020, Prince Harry, 37, and Duchess Meghan, 41, founded their charity Archewell. As it has recently become known, this is said to have caused more costs than income. And: The lucrative contracts with streaming giants Netflix and Spotify also turned out to be smaller than expected.
The former balance of outside experts in the field of community parquet has been bitter: “Harry and Meghan don’t decorate the covers much anymore,” royal expert Neil Schoon says in an interview with British Express quietly. His thesis: “They just don’t sell like they used to.”

Her fairytale wedding in 2018 and above all her exit from the British royal family filled the newspaper, and the famous interview with Oprah Winfrey in the spring of 2021 made waves around the world.

It’s not going well: Duchess Meghan and Prince William
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Coming to Cambridge

Even more bitter: The Sussexes were pushed out of popularity by Cambridge for all the people. If you look at recent popularity polls, Duchess Kate (40) has been long ahead of Duchess Meghan. Meanwhile, Prince William, 40, and his wife are pushing Harry and Meghan off the front pages. One of the reasons may be plans for a trip to America in December, where William and Kate will be present in Massachusetts for the award ceremony created for the Earthshot.