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An amateur photographer has discovered the magic of forgotten wine cellars

An amateur photographer has discovered the magic of forgotten wine cellars

Kurt Satzer Don’t look for crowds or hustle and bustle. put on Search for the hiddenafter forgotten places, but which are completely Special atmosphere Radiate.

“Lost Places”: forgotten, lost, and captured

In 2017, the amateur photographer embarked on one of them a tripabout the Effects of decay (“Lost Places”) in St. Pölten and the surrounding area. Now the 52-year-old has a big one again Photo tour It takes place through Lower Austria.

For his latest project, Satzer traveled to, among other places, Weinviertel or Traisental in the St. Petersburg area. Pölten Forgotten wine cellars To photograph. He found a lot.

Satzer traveled extensively at Weinviertel

© Photo: Kurt Satzer

“There is more than that in Lower Austria 1000 Cellar Alley. “Some of the cellars were purchased and beautifully renovated, while others were destroyed by the ravages of time,” says the Lower Austrian in an interview with Kurier.

Deep insights

Satzer is closed All seasons On the way, he repeatedly met the owners who gave him insight into the place internal Cellars and press houses are permitted. “It’s always interesting to hear the history of things,” he says.


Although the 52-year-old only practices his favorite hobby, he describes himself as a hobbyist Perfection. “I always work with one Tripod and HD cameraI take my time. I’ve visited some basements up to 20 times to get the perfect photo.

Hundreds of photos were created in this way, and Satzer presented a selection in his book Latest book “On the Road to Decay – The Forgotten Wine Cellars of Lower Austria” (hardback, 365 pages). There is also one for many photos Short description.

The book was published in Self-publishing. “It’s a lot of effort and a lot of work, but it makes me happy Great joy. “Especially when you can hold your work in your hands,” Satzer says.

Direction of Lost Places: The Magic of Decay

Applications can be submitted via, among others e-mail Possible: [email protected]. Including shipping, this special book costs 60 euros.

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