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The mysterious carrier was spotted in the UK

The Guardian writes that a sixth person has been found in London after a positive test for the “worried” Brazilian mutant virus.

The search for the mysterious carrier lasted a week and occupied a group of 40 people, the newspaper said.

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It is feared that the virus is more contagious and more resistant to the vaccine than the original version of Govit-19.

The Brazilian mutation is now called P1. Last Sunday it was revealed that 6 people were affected by this variation and 5 of them were kept in solitary confinement.

However, the whereabouts of the remaining sixth person are unclear.

Anyone who took a home search from February 12 to 13 and did not receive an answer were encouraged to contact Corona by phone.

Got the mysterious carrier

English Health Minister during a press conference on Friday, March 5th. Photo: Don Kidwood / A.P.

Health Minister Matt Hancock said the carrier was found in Croydon, west London, and that the person in question had not harmed anyone else.

Hancock said the person did not fill out the form properly and several tests would be sent to the area concerned.

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