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#KeepOnDancing: ARTE invites you to dance with a new initiative and supports the artist scene (PHOTO)

#KeepOnDancing: ARTE invites you to dance with a new initiative and supports the artist scene (PHOTO)

Strasbourg (OTS)

As part of the #KeepOnDancing initiative, ARTE invites its fans to dance at home, discovering different aspects of movement, body language, a new dance format, and a selection of concerts and dance performances. At the same time, the initiative aims to support the art scene still affected by the restrictions caused by the pandemic. The dance offensive begins on Friday January 21 with the series “Dance @ Home”, in which Luxembourgish choreographer and dancer Silvia Camarda and her guests introduce different dance styles and invite the audience to join in. Other highlights include a live broadcast of this year’s Prix de Lausanne, the opening ceremony of Helsinki’s new dance house Tanssin Talo, and a two-part documentary on the history of street dance.
At the start of the dance initiative #KeepOnDancing (, Luxembourgish dancer and choreographer Silvia Camarda lit a real fireworks in the “Dance @ Home” series with professionals of different dance styles: in 9 episodes, different dance styles and dance step combinations are presented. All along: from swing to break dance and modern dance to tango. Among others, Raphael Moses Hilbrand, Ahmed Gouda, Latin stars Kristina Moshinska and Marius Andre Balan as well as skater jam, model will be there.
and influencer Umi Janta.
Like every year, ARTE will also broadcast live from the Prix de Lausanne in 2022, where the best young talents in the world are identified and promoted each year. From January 31 to February 5, ballet fans can join the excitement at the popular dance competition. At the beginning of February, the ARTE party also invites you to the new Finnish dance house Tanssin Talo. The Opening Ceremony from Helsinki features amazing dance performances by famous Finnish dance groups and will take place in mid-February
Available as a video-on-demand.
In addition to these new productions, ARTE Concert also presents choreographies that have already been shown, such as Pippi Longstocking at the Opera from Helsinki for Pär Isberg, Richard Siegal’s New Ocean Sea Cycle at Pinakothek der Moderne, Winterereise by Christian Spock” from the Zurich Opera and others
Productions from all over Europe to rediscover.
Street dance is not neglected either: with important contemporary witnesses and breathtaking dance scenes, the two-part documentary “History of Street Dance” recounts his world triumph, starting with the cultural roots of the dances, which are today found all over the world
Determine the structure of the dance.
And so that you don’t get tired anymore, ARTE Concert keeps all dance lovers happy on its social media channels with new music snippets and genre-changing content every day.
I invite you to join.

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All first broadcasts of the #KeepOnDancing focus dance at a glance:

Dance @ Home
9 episodes, ZDF/ARTE, Kobalt Productions, Germany 2022, 20 minutes each
With: Silvia Camarda and the Changing Guests Available online: From January 21 every Friday and Tuesday at

Lausanne Prize 2022
Dance, ARTE France, France 2022 Live broadcast from January 31 to February 5 2022 and then for a year in
Media library like VOD

Dance House Opening Ceremony
Dance, YLE / ARTE GEIE, France, Finland 2022
VOD from mid February

A History of Street Dance A two-part documentary by Jean-Alexander Ntevihaboa and Jammu Franz, ZDF/ARTE, Signed Media,
Germany 2021, 2 x 50 minutes.
Available online: January 15th to April 14th 2022
Find an overview of all dance initiative content as of Friday, January 21st at and on ARTE Concert’s YouTube, Facebook and Instagram channels. The focus will be constantly updated and will remain online at the ARTE Gala until the end of February.

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