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Years & Years became a one-man band with "Night Call".

Years & Years became a one-man band with “Night Call”.

Eye-catching, often dyed red hair and extravagant clothing style: British singer Ole Alexander attracts attention. No wonder he’s always been the focus of shows and interviews for the British trio of html5-dom-document-internal-union1-amp-end Years. On the third album “Night Call”, which will be released on January 21, the 31-year-old is now officially doing his own business.

“The music we wanted to make has changed. It is becoming increasingly difficult to meet on an equal creative level. In the end, the priorities have changed so much that it was what was best for us,” explains Alexander in an interview with the German Press Agency, separating after more than ten years .

Bandmates Mickey Goldsworthy and Emre Turkman left the project last March after two albums of special success in their home country of the United Kingdom and the single “Kings” (2015). There were no swear words, no dirty laundry.

Now Years & Years is officially a one-man show, even if the band’s name remains the same. In “Night Call” Alexander honors the pop music of the 70s and 80s – The Pet Shop Boys, Sylvester (“You Make Me Feel”) and above all Kylie Minogue. The Briton also sang “A Second To Midnight” with her.

Songs like “Consequences” or “Starstruck” are well produced with catchy disco rhythms, but sound interchangeable. And also lyrically, the Briton often scratches the surface, even though he has a lot to say.

In a BBC documentary, the musician and actor (“It’s a Sin”) a few years ago told how he was bullied as a teenager because of his homosexuality. Today he serves as a role model for many teens, just like gay American rapper Lil Nas X (“Montero”). Alexander interpreted the Pet Shop Boys classic It’s a Sin about shame and sin at the Brit Awards a year ago, backed by Elton John.

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The similarly deep words are missing in “Night Call”. But if you want to be in a good mood and remember the disco days of the ’80s during the pandemic, you’ll get your money’s worth.