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Kemiten Model Airfield: “Bruchpiloten” the true artists of the sky

Kemiten Model Airfield: “Bruchpiloten” the true artists of the sky

A childhood dream come true as a great hobby. Aircraft models are a treat for the eyes, flown by sky artists. The headquarters of the association “MFC Bruchpiloten Kemeten” is the local airport.

Kemetz. There are gliders, motor planes, e-jets and our own creations like the 'smiling flying saucers' to admire. With areas ranging from 20 cm to 6.5 metres. Micro-tech drones and helicopters are equally impressive. The following applies to everyone: agile and fast.

Aircraft models weighing up to 25 kg

Whether fantasy reproductions or originals – each model is unique and impressive with its many visual details. The reason for this is that each “airplane” is assembled itself. It can take a few hours or several years for exhibits weighing up to 25 kilograms to be completed. Parts from the kits and/or interiors, some of which even come from 3D printers, are screwed, sawed and glued.


“Instruments” are the pride of pilots who use remote controls to steer planes and helicopters. Take-offs, landings and tricks at altitudes of up to 300 meters are not just a challenge, but pure fun. For 13 current members of the club “MFC Bruchpiloten Kemeten”.

Club member engineer Andreas Oberweger with one of his gorgeous models.  |  Photo: Gernot Hegel

“We are a diverse bunch. From police officers to TÜV inspectors, safety technicians, gardeners, mechanics and pensioners. We are united by our passion for our common hobby!” says Rene Goltz, Chairman of the Board of Directors since 1990.

Boys and girls welcome

“What we are missing is young talent. “That's why we are calling out to all boys and girls, anyone in a good mood is welcome! “In order to make it easier to start flying the aircraft, flying is offered to the teacher/student. If you later buy a beginner's model, the costs will be around 200 euros. There are no upper limits.

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160 meter long slope

The club was built by the members themselves and is equipped to generate photovoltaic energy. “Our airport is under Austrian control (Editor's note: Austrian Civil Aviation Association) It is registered and has a runway 160 meters long and 30 meters wide!” says Rene Goltz.

The helicopters also performed their slow and fast turns to perfection, complete with tricks.  |  Photo: Gernot Hegel

Drone driving licence

The committed president also attaches importance to the fact that all models are officially registered, liability insurance is available and every member has a drone driving license.

First flight with perfect landing at Kempten Airport.  |  Photo: Gernot Hegel

Regular pilot meetings are being planned again in the warm season; Flying activity can usually be seen on Sunday morning (weather permitting). Those interested can visit Homepage View photos via webcam. You can contact us via the email address on the website or by phone at: 0664 3726364 (Chairman of the Board of Directors, Gollatz).