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Old plastic becomes a new building material

Old plastic becomes a new building material

During the 30 years of its founding, the Hahn Group has developed into an internationally operating company with subsidiaries in England, France, Canada, Italy and Spain. With more than 500 employees, all business steps are integrated under one roof at the Rhein-Hunsrück (Rhineland Palatinate/BRD) site – from selection of recyclable materials to recycling of raw materials to the finished product. This ensures the highest level of accuracy and care throughout the entire process. This is a prerequisite for recycling mixed plastics and films, because high-quality recycling of these waste fractions brings with it special challenges. For example, the correct choice and composition of the plastic used is very important, as each product has its own individual requirements for the material. Hanit Recycled Plastic always ensures the highest quality in every field of application.

But no matter what type of old plastic is used to produce recycled products, one thing is always the same: the idea of ​​environmental protection and sustainability. Emissions are kept low and attempts are made to operate as energy and resource efficiently as possible across the entire value chain.

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