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Kevin - Alone at Home: This is what the thieves Harry and Marv look like today

Kevin – Alone at Home: This is what the thieves Harry and Marv look like today

As the thief duo Harry and Marv, they were really unlucky, especially when they stumbled upon eight-year-old Kevin McAllister in their foray into the affluent neighborhood. For, forgotten by the family alone at home during Christmas, he did not abandon his home without a fight, but on the contrary. Bunsen stoves, icy entry steps and even Brother Buzz spiders: Kevin’s list of burglary traps as long as it’s cool. Thieves had to go through a lot. 31 years is a role”Kevin is home alone“Now here. Macaulay Culkin (41) will likely remain “Kevin McAllister” forever, Daniel Stern (64), who played Marv, and his thief partner, played by Joe Pesci (78), on the other hand, could look back at bigger careers in film and television. . One of them even won an Oscar.

Watch the video above to see the iconic Kevin Home Alone Burglars today.

Kevin – Home Alone: ​​Living with the McAllister family once

For all the fans of the Christmas classic, booking portal Airbnb got a very special treat this winter: Rent a McCallister villa. Four happy guests were allowed to follow in Kevin’s footsteps, set traps, order pizza and eat cheese and pasta. They were even hailed by an actor from the beloved movies: the evil Big Brother Buzz. Both spider and thief duo are not included in the package. Good luck and God bless you!

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