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Kevin Spacey has to pay  million in damages

Kevin Spacey has to pay $30 million in damages

The jury agreed with the production company that Spacey was responsible for millions of dollars in lost revenue due to sexual harassment allegations against him.

Actor Kevin Spacey has been released after allegations of sexual assault by production company The NetflixThe series “House of Cards” pays high payouts. A Los Angeles court has ordered the payment of nearly $31 million (about 30.45 million euros), US media reported Thursday, citing court documents. Judge Mel Reed Rekana disagreed with the ruling Confirmed the previous decision of the arbitral tribunalMiscellaneous mentioned.

Spacey’s lawyers were too To the court against this ruling. The case involved breach of contract. The jury found that Spacey had breached the rules of conduct contractually agreed with the production company, MRC.

Five alleged actions

Spacey played the lead role of Frank Underwood in five seasons of the Netflix hit “House of Cards” until fall 2017, when allegations of sexual assault and harassment were made against Spacey during the #MeToo debate. Spacey was also accused of sexual harassment by crew members. Then Netflix canceled the Spacey collaboration. The arbitral tribunal agreed with MRC that Spacey was responsible for the loss of millions of dollars in revenue.

Spacey is currently being tried in a London court for alleged sexual assault. In mid-July, he was the Oscar winner He denied these allegations. It’s about five purported acts in England between 2005 and 2013. Spacey was temporarily the artistic director of the London theater The Old Vic.