Complete News World also leads to a subscription trap also leads to a subscription trap

The operators of are stealing their visitors by directing them into a sign-up trap. Victims end up with the Usenet provider.

Since the ban of KinoX, which was carried out by the Internet provider on behalf of CUII, other providers such as have come to the forefront of Google. Exactly the same content is offered to visitors on Obviously, the scope of films and TV series is huge. But if you click on the first link, a new tab will open where you have to log in (see screenshot below). We already know this well from and The latest clone offers other movies and leads to a fraudulent Stream Savvy subscription. leads to an expensive Usenet subscription

How could it be otherwise? Users are required to register with the Usenet provider But the unofficial successor to does not offer streams, but instead provides access to the Usenet binary zone for a fee. In contrast to clone, they also have links to many live streaming hosts, but if you don't do enough, you'll end up somewhere else entirely. If you don't want to fall into this trap, you should select your streaming host on below.

kinox. tours
Nothing but lies. The service is permanent no It's free and doesn't offer streams.

Rupture as a business model

Arranging VPN and Usenet subscriptions should be beneficial to operators, because this business model is now increasingly being carried out over the Internet. In our forum, some participants argue that you don't deserve the best if you always want to consume everything online for free. It is likely that one or two rights holders would agree with this statement behind closed doors. & Co., Ltd. to reduce their income.

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Illegal service providers with low income

And yes, ad network revenue has declined significantly over the past 10 years. But is this sufficient justification for such behavior? Well, everyone has to decide that for themselves. But we believe that subscription traps should not be part of a streaming portal's business model. Not on then nor on today.

How do you see that? Is it a scam or is it your fault if you are wandering in the gray area? Can you really justify such a bad scandal? Please leave your opinion in our forum, thank you very much!