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Be it Anne-Sophie Pic, Yannick Alléno or Andreas Caminada: Hublot counts many star chefs among its brand ambassadors. CEO Ricardo Guadalupe explains why.

Brad PittAnd the Roger Federer And Cindy Crawford are the names of superstars, sports icons and models with which quite a few watch brands adorn their image. It used to be called certification, but for some time now the term brand ambassador seems to warrant further understatement and seriousness, so that the appearance of the big names doesn’t appear to be too promotional.

Although Hublot also has Novak Djoković or Kylian Mbappé, the watch brand is increasingly focusing on chefs. Of course not on any. With six chefs awarded three Michelin stars as brand ambassadors, the factory houses more dignitaries in this category than Austria, Switzerland and Sweden combined at the stove.

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Speaking of which: On October 12, three top-notch chefs, Anne-Sophie Pic, Yannick Alléno, and Eneko Atxa, will get together and create a potentially unique dinner. We wanted to know from Ricardo Guadalupe, President of Hublot, what’s behind the massive culinary event and the commitment of top chefs as ambassadors. “It is simply because of the values ​​shared with Hublot. These people are extraordinary, unconventional and brave. I also believe that gastronomy and watchmaking have a lot in common, as both fields require an incredible level of dedication, skill and creativity. Their role as pioneers should also not be forgotten.” .

Three-star chef and brand ambassador Andreas Caminada (left) with Hublot CEO Ricardo Guadalupe.Anne Emmanuel Theon

As early as 2010, Hublot worked with the famous Bocuse d’Or to honor innovative young chefs, and in 2017 Swiss Andreas Caminada finally became an official Hublot ambassador.
Guadalupe, who describes himself as a foodie and prefers to dine at the de l’Hôtel de Ville de Crissier near his home, took over as Hublot’s CEO in 2012 when his predecessor Jean-Claude Biver was appointed chairman of the board. What might be more interesting on a particular occasion in October: He names Simmental’s grilled prime rib, salad, and baked potato as his favorite dish; If the boss is in Vienna, you can find him eating a Wiener Schnitzel in Figlmüller.

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Hublot ambassador Anne-Sophie Beck is the only woman to hold three Michelin stars in France since 2007.
Hublot ambassador Anne-Sophie Beck is the only woman to hold three Michelin stars in France since 2007.(c) annual figure

Schnitzel should not be served on October 12, but the Silence tablecloth will be posted on the special event and menu. Mr. Guadalupe does not believe that too many cooks can spoil the broth. “If chefs can bring something unique to the table that’s different from the rest, the soup can only get better.” Well, there must be more than just soup on the menu, needless to say, bon appetit.

(“Press Show” from September 23, 2022)