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All that is new: the return of “Omar Fish Restaurant”!

All that is new: the return of “Omar Fish Restaurant”!

Sigh for fish lovers! As you know Falstaff exclusively, gastronomy plans Omar’s staff New concept for audience »fish bar omarIn the Naschmarkt in Vienna. Thus defying rumors about a complete shutdown.

what happened?

The “Omar fish restaurant«, branch out From “Omar« In Vienna Naschmarkt, from The fish seller, Arkan Omar and the chef Stephen Dublick It was closed from the beginning of September. In the “Omar fish restaurant«The same, as in the fish trade, there were no changes. Falstaff spoke to Ercan Omar:

Falstaff: What are the new plans?
Staff Omar: We’re planning another good little champagne bar with oysters. As a special feature, there will be small plates from our new chef!

Falstaff: Who will be the new chef?
This is still a secret. But when we open in a couple of weeks, the surprise will come out!

Falstaff: What will be on the card?
As I said, we will offer a great selection of oysters, as well as small starters and wraps. Champagne is of course back on the menu! And we also introduce something completely new: we will introduce a new cocktail list.

Falstaff: Who would you like to address with the new concept?
Everyone who wants to bring a little luxury and have a good time in their daily life should come. Our new bar will also be the perfect place for an aperitif for guests who are waiting for their table at Omar.