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Klangburg Rappottenstein: Trenkwalder shook Rappottenstein Castle

Klangburg Rappottenstein: Trenkwalder shook Rappottenstein Castle

On Saturday, July 23, 2022, the band, who came from the Mieminger Plateau in the beautiful Tyrolean region and have been good friends of mine for some time, appeared as a guest. “TRENCWALDERS” For the first time in Klangburg Rappottenstein.

“So Samma” The concert’s outdoor slogan was announced, and after nearly three hours of activity, every spectator probably knew what the three healthy musicians stood for.
Atmospheric entertainment far from any cliché Euderhosen:
Crazy polka music, deep poems, and a flying alphorn—controlled by bassist Peter Weil—to the sounds of “tequila,” flawless three-part vocals, and rocking guitar vocals by Philip Hanniger.
A journey through virtually all genres of music, incorporated into the many original compositions that have made the band what it is over the past three decades.
A true volume in the local music scene, we welcome guests to the big TV shows, and also lovable guys who occasionally mingle with the audience to chat comfortably over a ‘cold glass’.
Hubsi Trenkwalder’s accordion vocals faded after only a long time
Ten o’clock in the evening, after which the enthusiastic audience enjoyed several times
One cannot help but say: I hope to see you again soon.

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