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ÖGK: known – the dark side of the sun

ÖGK: known – the dark side of the sun

Without the sun there would be no life, for example, we shift most of our vitamin D needs to sunlight – which is important for bone formation, but also for our mental balance. It’s no coincidence that many people feel less balanced during the darker months of the year and the long, warm summer days. Of course: as is often the case when sunbathing, it depends on the dose. The risks to our skin from the sun’s UV rays should not be underestimated.

Skin type is known to play an important role in choosing the right sunscreen. The duration of self-protection for people with very light skin is a maximum of ten minutes, and for people with dark skin it can be 30 minutes or more. General rule of thumb: If you multiply your skin protection time by the sunscreen’s SPF, you’ll get a good indication of the acceptable number of “sunshine minutes” per day.

Tip: Apply the cream about 20-30 minutes before going out in the sun, and the protection in the skin will be complete. Don’t forget to protect your eyes with good sunglasses.

Especially important: There is no fully developed self-protection system for children’s skin, so children should mainly stay in the shade, wear appropriate clothing including a hat and sun protection with a high SPF.
With this in mind: Enjoy summer with a sense of proportion – the sun has its dark side too…

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