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Klapotetz takes out the birds from the vineyards –

Klapotetz takes out the birds from the vineyards –

It is still quiet in the vineyards surrounding Jerusalem, but soon the viticulturalists’ wooden helpers will spread their screaming voices. Joze and Drago are now getting a lot of orders because individual parts have to be repaired and some of them have to be replaced. Both are already retired.

Servus Srecno Ciao from Jerusalem

Joze was a carpenter, and Drago was a builder, but the two neighbors liked to meet when working in Klapotetz. Each region has its own typical requirements.


Joze and Drago in their workshop

Four wings for Klapotitz

For example, you can recognize a Prlekija klapotetz by its four wings, but it shouldn’t be more than that, as Joze Vrbnjkan asserts: “Here in the Prlekija area, it’s an old tradition to keep birds away from the farm using an intact tree. For Klapotetz, We use different types of wood, such as oak or beech. The bar should be chestnut or cherry wood to create a beautiful tone.

Klopotetz installed


Klopotetz is installed

The birch branches, which are renewed every year, act as a stabilizer, because the wind sometimes whistles a little over the vineyards. Klapotitz is only allowed to chance during the day. In the evening, the winegrowers have to turn off the windmill, otherwise the noise will be very loud. At least that’s what the regional regulations want, says Drago Palazic: “On August 15th, Assumption Day, we traditionally set up Klapotetz, because it’s time to drive away the birds because the grapes are ripening. On this day we gather together to celebrate and look forward to a good harvest together.”

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Hi, Srecno, Ciao on July 8, 2023

Winemakers from Ireland in Slovenia

Liam and Sinead Cabot run two hectares of vineyards, connected and in the best location, in the municipality of Koj. They bought their first grapevine home 16 years ago and their second seven years ago. Agriculture close to nature is a particular concern for them, says Liam Cabot: “We’ve been running a wine business for twenty years with well-known producers from all over Europe, and then we wanted to find a vineyard in a respectable area. We had a family connection here through my dad.” Jerusalem is a historically important wine-growing region with a special climate, and the right place for us.”

Snead William Cabot in their vineyard


Liam and Sinead Cabot

The wine is bottled in concrete barrels for the first time

Liam and Sinead are also open to new things. This year, for the first time, you’ll be filling wine in two concrete barrels. They came from France and should have the typical taste and above all the citrusy note. Oak barrels can also be found in the Roka Winery’s cellar. Sinead feels very comfortable here: “My first impression is that it’s like home here, except there’s more sun. It’s a lovely green and the country roads reminded me of my grandmother’s home. I’m sure there’s a very special energy here with a gentle rhythm of the seasons.”

Sinead Cabot in the wine cellar


Sinead is in the wine cellar

From April to October, Liam and Janet are always on site. And so Slovenia became the second home for the wine-loving couple from Ireland.

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