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Kors founded a startup with the former head of the Pegasus spyware

Former consultant Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP) founded a cybersecurity startup for critical infrastructure such as gas, oil and water plants with Israeli Shalev Hulio. The Israeli news platform “Globes” published this today. Hulio was previously the president of technology company NSO.

NSO’s Pegasus spyware has become a controversial tool for spying on terrorism and crime suspects. Research conducted by international media last year showed that this software has been used in dozens of authoritarian countries primarily to monitor journalists, politicians, and activists.

According to the report, Kurz will serve as president and business developer at the new company DREAM (Detection, Response and Management) for security and telecoms fetch in Europe. According to the report, the company’s target group is government agencies and national organizations, initially focusing on Europe. The sum of $20 million was brought in by investors.

“During my time as a consultant, I have been subjected to numerous attacks on governments, but also on production facilities and power plants, most of which have not been reported in the media,” Kurz told Globus.

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