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Protests in Iran: Over 120 investigations launched

The Iranian judiciary has launched investigations with more than 120 participants in the protests in the country. Today, Maysan Online, the Iranian judiciary announced that 60 cases have been filed against demonstrators in the capital, Tehran, alone.

Another 65 cases were reported from the southern province of Hermesgan. Demonstrators increasingly rely on the slogans on the walls of homes. It added that the suspects were arrested during the recent “riots”. No further details were provided about the specific crimes.

Fear spreads among the population

The head of Harmsgan’s judiciary, Modshtapa Garmani, spoke in more detail about the allegations. Maysan Online quoted Al-Gharmani as saying that the public prosecutor reviewed their cases because the demonstrators played a central role in “the emergence of illegal gatherings, arson, and attacks on public and private property, and caused panic among the population.”

According to Misan Online, Tehran Prosecutor Ali Salehi said: “From now on, those who attack people’s lives and property, police and army officials or city facilities, and who encourage or incite people to riot, will be dealt with firmly.”

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