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Krems Regional Court: They criticized again on leaving prison

Krems Regional Court: They criticized again on leaving prison

The 38-year-old known violent criminal from Horne is already more familiar with court procedures. Ten relevant criminal records, the latest being a 16-month prison sentence. On December 23, 2022, the jailbird was exceptionally free and had acquaintances in Horn for a pre-Christmas drink.

bus stop

I drank first in the city cafe, then in the back bar. Finally they went to the bus stop, someone wanted to go home. Without the slightest reason, the 38-year-old pushed one of his companions and then kicked the man lying on his back several times in the thigh.

Thigh fracture

He had a hip fracture. The victim came to the courtroom on crutches to testify. He had surgery and is still in pain. He said there had been no dispute before and demanded 10,000 euros in compensation.

gas station

The August 2022 incident at a gas station in Krems was also a subject of negotiation. This was also a case of grievous bodily harm. Horner was also a partner here. While leaving prison, the 38-year-old was with a 54-year-old (17 previous convictions, recently sentenced to three years and six months in prison) from Bodorf, who was also out, at a gas station in Krems to get a beer. They followed a customer they knew into the gas station to beat him up.

Nose bleeding

The riot ended for the client with a torn shirt and a bleeding nose after the two punched each other.
The judge provided violent criminals with a bill for their actions. Horner has to serve three and a half years in prison and pay the bus station victim €7,000 in compensation. The 54-year-old was jailed for 10 months for striking a petrol station in Krems. Not legally binding. – Curt Burger

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