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Vincent Feeney begins Easter advertising season

Vincent Feeney begins Easter advertising season

The local flour brand is on all TV channels and a number until Easter to attract people over the age of 25 with an interest in cooking and baking.

“Forging a good time together – that’s the true value of baking. As a traditional mill, we want to give people the inspiration to rediscover traditional occasions like Easter,” says Managing Director of Fini’s-Feinstes-Mühle Peter Stalberger. To increase brand awareness, Müller:innen broadcasts its Easter campaign throughout March on all Austrian TV channels and digitally from today, Friday. The target group is 25+, interested in baking and cooking, with a potential of 2.45 million people in Austria. The focus is on organic wheat flour with organic germ strength.

The spot can be watched on all Austrian TV stations, including ORF 1, ORF 2, ProSiebenSat.1 Puls 4 Group, RTL, RTL 2, Vox, Nitro, SRTL, RTL Plus and Servus TV stations. “Plus, there’s a solid flyaway on YouTube in various formats, so we play around 5″, 15″, and 20″ edits on this channel,” she says. Harold LangHead of Marketing at Fini’s Feinstes.

“For the product, we use 100% organic grains from the regional farming regions of Lower Austria and Burgenland. Guaranteed without synthetic chemical pesticides and synthetic fertilizers,” confirms Chairman Mühlen Stallberger.

“Strongest growth in the past two years”

As the cornerstone of the Easter campaign, the Lower Austria mill advertises its organic wheat flour with the power of organic germination: it is flour enriched with “gently germinated organic seedlings, then dried and finally finely ground.” “Our organic wheat flour with organic germ-strength has shown the strongest growth in the last two years and encourages us to talk more about how valuable organic sprouts are: because that’s how the full strength of the grain gets into our flour and capacity,” says Stallberger, president of Mullen.

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Proximity to the customer also plays a key role when it comes to extending the campaign to the food retail sector: promotional sales support the advertising scale, for example, Billa Plus has cardboard displays and displays with products.