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Kretschmer: "It is important that Austria be part of the league"

Kretschmer: “It is important that Austria be part of the league”

Trembling in the countryside

For second-division Austria Lustenau, the licensing process will also be a massive game after the third Bundesliga Senate (the stadium committee) has not approved the Vorarlberg stadium project for the first division even in the second stage. Thus Ländle-Austria lost its licensing bonus and was forced to fill a budget gap of 460,000 euros within eight days at the end of the protest period.

Such as Vorarlberger News Reportedly, documents needed to prevent a cessation of professional operations after 27 years in Lustenau were to be sent to Vienna on Wednesday afternoon. “Just before 4 pm, we lost about 10,000 euros, which we were able to find afterwards. So, in my opinion, nothing stands in the way of admission to second-class, and I assume we will get it.” Christoph Wernsberger became CFO at AL VN Quoted.

Via the crowdfunding platform, Lustenau residents raised exactly € 227,868 through their ‘zmmo campaign’. Sponsors and sponsors who agreed to sign their sponsorship contracts immediately rather than in May are said to have contributed the rest of the amount.

The protest committee will issue its decision by next Tuesday, which will complete the procedures and courts within the Bundesliga. If the license has not yet been granted, all that remains is to file a lawsuit with the Permanent Impartial Court of Arbitration, which must be filed within eight days. The arbitral tribunal is not a Bundesliga body and decides – finally – in place of an ordinary court until May 31. By then, the licensing process and approval must be completed with the official announcement of UEFA licensed clubs.

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