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"Satisfied" quickly on the point - LASK sees "a step forward"

“Satisfied” quickly on the point – LASK sees “a step forward”

Rapid remains second in the German Bundesliga. Third-placed Vienna Lusk on Wednesday played six games before the end thanks to a 1: 1 performance-based draw in Basching (Match report + video highlights) Two points away so you can live better with dividing the points. The runner-up title fight could be more than just a duel, because second from sixth has only been six points since the fourth round of the tournament.

On Sunday, the stadium could get closer to each other, with the sixth-place winner playing in Salzburg, Tirol, for second place in Hauteldorf. Coach Rapid Dietmar Kohbauer warned that “Watans is playing an amazing season, and it appears that he is among the top six and has beaten Salzburg, which no one expected.” It is a double start – next Wednesday, the “Party of Return” will follow.

Against LASK, after two league matches without injury, at least one goal has been scored again. However, the unsuccessful series has expanded to three games. Kühbauer analyzed “I think we used the fine blade, but X is just because we went through a worse phase for ten minutes in the second half.” The Linz team took the lead through Thomas Goiginger (63rd), who immediately put together a double pack.

So the Vienna team stayed in the match and suffered a fatal mistake by LASK goalkeeper Alexander Schlager to equalize. Kara’s goalkeeper missed Kara’s header, which was why Christoph Kensmöllner was able to drop the ball into the far corner (71.). “The equalizer was happy, but anything but the X was going to be annoying.” Rapids coach said “You can be satisfied on this point.” The minimum survival goal was achieved before LASK. Nobody looks ahead anymore. ”We have to stop. From looking to Salzburg. Salzburg is a different quality, ”Burgenlander emphasized.

Thalhammer on Schlager goofs: “It’ll bother him more”

There were no charges for Schlagger at Camp Linz. “Alex saved us in many situations. Coach Dominic Thalhammer said,“ In the working team you have a certain culture of mistakes, and mistakes just happen. ”Not only did he see the goalkeeper’s mistake in the event, he was also upset that Cara had even got a header. It was a side free kick that we didn’t defend perfectly. “We didn’t exactly work there,” said a Linz resident.

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In any case, everyone agreed I didn’t have to worry about Schlager. “He’s very confident, and he’s going to take it,” said Peter Michurl. Thalamer mourned the win, mainly due to a “good performance” in the second half. The performance made him confident end of the season. “The players’ shape tends to go in a good direction, ”said the former ÖFB women’s team leader, ahead of a double against Sturm Graz, the table’s neighbors. Goiginger saw it this way: “It was a step forward. We fought very well against her in an equal match and scored a point.”

The two-game losing LASK team, which has scored only three goals in the last five matches, is only two points behind Sturm. “It’s going to be an incredibly close story, so every point counts. The next two games are very important in terms of whether you can create a small space behind you,” says Thalhammer. Sturm couldn’t win twice recently and conceded a bitter goal in the last minute 0: 1 against WAC on Wednesday (Match report + video highlights).

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Elzer: “The boys are so angry and depressed too”

The fact that the Carinthians left Graz with three points was not expected given the course of the match. A last-minute aft by Niklas Gerhofer, who gave him the decisive penalty kick, paved the way for the visitors to victory. Also in the third direct duel this year, Grazer was fired from the field. Coach Christian Elzer quarreled, however: “There are a lot of decisions against us this season. Usually this balances out within one season.” In addition to the injured Gregory Wothrich, another defender, Gerhofer, has now lost a match.

“Incomprehensible” – Elzer is upset with the referee’s decisions

“The boys are really angry and depressed too, but we have to get up immediately because the tough game against LASK awaits Sunday,” said the storm coach. Styrian sees a “close race” for the second to sixth spots. The Carinthians also want to play a good role in this. According to WAC interim coach Roman Stary, everything on the table is “pretty much put together”. It was an eventful day at WAC after German Robin Dutt was introduced as the new coach of the summer. “I don’t know Mr. Dutt, but I am ready when my experience is required,” said Stary.

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