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KTM 390 Duke: KTM's flagship products are revamped

KTM 390 Duke: KTM’s flagship products are revamped

Which model is KTM’s most important sales model? Right, 390 duke. Based on the captured prototype, it is evident that KTM has developed a new model with a new chassis.

Introduced in 2012, it was further developed with a major facelift in 2017, and at the same time sold in more than 80 countries: measured in terms of sales numbers, the Duke 390 is the most important model for KTM worldwide.

A year ago, the lightweight enduro 390 Adventure appeared on the market on this tech basis, and during this year, as SPEEDWEEK readers already know, one Revised sports machine RC390 Gifts. The big development boom comes about six months after the new RC390: in the spring of 2022, after nearly nine years of construction, a successor to the 390 Duke should be presented.

Unlike the next RC390, which will be based on the current revised model, the new 390 Duke is a completely new development. The reason is simple: while the 390 Duke was still on the latest model when it was first introduced, important competitors such as BMW (with the G310 R introduced in 2015) and Yamaha (with the MT-03, they also brought back – released in 2015) The focus has successively increased on the medium-sized single-cylinder segment, which is popular in Asia and increasingly important in Europe and America.

In order to be able to better face the stronger competition, only one stone remains unchanged: although the engine has been largely taken over from the now established 390 Adventure. According to reliable sources, especially smaller modifications should benefit smoothness and vibrancy, while the technical marginal data itself should remain virtually unchanged.

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However, on the rest of the motorcycle, the screw hardly remains the same: the next 390 Duke model grows in all dimensions in order to be able to ensure better ergonomics and better comfort even for the tallest occupants – the result of the massive increase in the model is significant for the European market.

In order to achieve this goal, a completely newly developed frame has been used in the model KTM tubular steel body, along with a new rear tire that can be found with a more comfortable seat.

The front fork is completely new as the swing arm, and improved brakes have also been used. All of this should not only contribute to a more mature driving experience in the package, but also help the more demanding pilots drive more fun and thus contribute to an increase in the market share of the 390 Duke in both Asia and the rest of the world.

Another important aspect is likely to change slightly: the price. To ensure this, the next 390 Duke, like the current model, will be produced by co-operation partner Bajaj in India.

The design is not finally recognizable from the prototype we discovered. Many of the design-related parts on this development motorcycle have not yet been completed or adopted from current models. Obviously, however, the post-production model will have the sharp-edged design typical of KTM, as well as a full LED headlight mask up front.

Similar to the current model, the new bike should have a more sophisticated TFT screen. In line with the general trend, it will grow in size, and in order to impress the younger target group, it will bring with it new smartphone connectivity features.
Well equipped, the KTM 390 Duke is poised to remain one of the most popular motorcycles in the world. The market is expected to launch in the spring of 2022.

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