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Kuhn + Nagel flies climate-neutral to the United States

29. June 2021 10:55

Kuhn + Nagel And IAG inventory, Freight Division International Airlines Group, According to one News release The world’s first logistics specialist in a completely climate-neutral chartered supply chain. Stuttgart Airport provided 1.2 million liters of fixed aviation fuel (SAF) for 16 aircraft between Stuttgart and US-based Atlanta. For the entire project, the aircraft was primarily suitable for passenger transport, but was also sometimes used to support cargo.

But SAF also emits some more CO2. Complete climate neutrality was achieved by replacing each liter of kerosene with 1.25 liters of SAF. This solution from Stuttgart Airport and logistics partners demonstrates that it “provides sustainable transportation options for local and global businesses at nearby airports”. This avoids further emissions from carrying goods to major departing airports.

The Boeing 787-900 aircraft departed from British Airways on June 26 from Stuttgart with about 45 tons of auto parts and other industrial goods. Since the launch of the Kuhn + Nagal charter service last year, more than 300 charter aircraft have flown in a climate-neutral manner – either through compensation or through the use of alternative fuels. Mm

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