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“The world’s best female investor” wants to go to the United States with 21 shares

Together with Kathy Wood, 21 stocks want to go down in the US financial markets. But Juke-based crypto company tops the list.

Since last May, 21 shares and Kathy Wood A couple: as well The American star investor, who has amassed an army of fans with his dangerous challenges on electric car maker Tesla, has joined Juke-based crypto as an investor and team member. Wood and his investment in Arc Investment Management, a finance company, caused a stir at the time.

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It is now clear what plans the team is pursuing. Named ARK 21 Shares Bitcoin ETF, they want to list an index fund in the United States that follows the S&P code in the most important cryptocurrency Bitcoin. It was reported Company “Bloomberg” (Item to be paid) A record note of the regulator.

21 shares caused a stir internationally in 2018 – later named Amun – when the company launched its first index product (ETP) on the Six Swiss Exchange. It is a world in the first place.

S.E.C. with bookings.

In 2021, 21 shares of ETP took the performance crown in all European index funds; According to its own data, the startup has revenue of $ 50 million and manages more than $ 1 billion in customer assets. America’s well-known arch brand can now be guaranteed to grow rapidly again. In ETFs, 500 to 6,500 billion is managed, compared to $ 1,475 billion in Europe.

For now, however, two high-flying players, Wood and 21 Shares, will have to wait and see. In the United States, according to “Bloomberg”, more than 14 providers line up regularly with their crypto ETFs. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has substantial reservations about funds based on cryptocurrencies, which are also available to retail investors.

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