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Kulturspielwiese summer initiative: reviving culture and gastronomy

Kulturspielwiese summer initiative: reviving culture and gastronomy

The summer initiative “Kulturspielwiese” (Cultural Playground) will stimulate culture and gastronomy in the region this summer.
Seefeld, Telfs. Anyone who has walked in Seefeld, Innsbruck or any other cultural center in Tyrol in the past few weeks will notice that a large number of artists perform near restaurants and create a good atmosphere this year. This circumstance is partly due to the summer initiative “Cultural Playground” of the State of Tyrol.

The land pays 80% of the fees

The aim of this initiative is to promote Tyrolean gastronomy and hoteliers and at the same time revitalize the doomed cultural and economic life again – with the help of musical events. Restaurant owners, organizers, etc. can access the communication platform Kulturspielwiese.tirolThe opportunity to connect with musicians of almost all genres and book them for your event. who – which The land pays 80% of the feesThe organizer pays the remaining 20 percent. A total of €225,000 is available for the initiative.

Activation in Seefeld is successful

In municipalities and cities with large pedestrian areas, this option is now more often used by restaurants, among other things, to revive guest gardens. This is also the case in Seefeld, where the municipality has helped restaurateurs. Christian Roniger From the Life, Arts and Culture Committee of Seefeld Town Hall explains the process:

“As a community, we contacted our restaurants to bring to their attention this government funding opportunity and to help them register, among other things. In principle, every restaurateur was excited because communication between the restaurateur and the band was very easy and the whole deal worked out perfectly. Our goal as a municipality was is to liven up the place with live music in the summer, and that has worked really well so far. It’s a win-win situation for all the people out there.”

In the middle of the high season, the cultural initiative in the plateau community is well received. Large crowds of people form around the performers, and the private stands are full. The desire to revitalize the place appears to have been successful – despite a very short-term attempt.

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“Everyone gets involved in the benefits”

At the beginning of August 2022, around 400 artists and 340 organizers registered on the platform. One of them is a jazz pianist John Tripp From Telfs, who talks about his experiences with the cultural pitch:

“When I first heard about it, it sounded too good to be true, because the organizers and artists benefit greatly here. Then I signed up right away, and especially after the past two years, I am glad that the live music in Tyrol is leading it becomes!”

Johannes Tripp sees the initiative as an enrichment for all concerned:

“The funding also allows small restaurants or bars to hire an entire band for a great evening. Artists get a chance to do what they love and the audience benefits anyway! More events, more live music and access to know each other from the local music scene, so it’s great for all parties! A great recommendation to all my fellow musicians!”