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Rapper Crowe with the summer album "11:11"

Rapper Crowe with the summer album “11:11”

New music, live shows, digital art and her own fashion line – Cro’s creativity seems to know no bounds. The 32-year-old does not lose any time: the German rapper has already released his second record in just under a year and a half: “11:11”.

“It’s my favorite album,” the musician said on his Instagram channel. “It goes with summer. You can dance to it, you can celebrate it. It’s so lively, so crispy.” Anyone who knows the artist knows that his songs with loose rhymes quickly become catchy and set a good mood.

Last year, the rapper, who was born Carlo Waibel near Stuttgart, celebrated the 10th anniversary of his biggest hit to date, “Easy.” This was followed by 15 gold records and 21 platinum records – and “Trip” (2021) his fifth consecutive album at number one in the German charts. In Austria, the album reached number two in the charts.

“11:11” is about the most beautiful feeling of elation – love. According to the advertisement, the number “1” in the title symbolizes a new beginning, that is, “the starting point of new cycles and relationships.”

“You and me alone, I love it, call me if you need me, I think I’m in love,” Cro raps in the first song “Hey Love.” This amorous feeling of “what’s the cost of the world” runs through the entire track and is accompanied by atmospheric rhythms. Tracks like ‘Fallin’ or ‘Feelings’ seem loving and carefree.

In addition to his cheerful love songs, Cro also shows his weak side. Because love is not always “easy”. “You don’t answer because you know the distance is too far,” he sings on “Facetime Luv” about a long-distance relationship that doesn’t seem to be working.

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The song “Freiheit” seems to be the search for the right path to happiness. On the one hand, there is success and independence – and on the other hand loneliness and the desire to communicate: “I longed for more closeness all the time, but I am not here with anyone.”

In contrast, thoughtful about whether the constant quest for “more” is really worth it, Cro expresses himself in one of my title songs “11”: “All my life I’ve been trying to become limitless, but what’s the point of constantly winning? Even when heroes die.” In the penultimate piece “Krobot,” the musician describes the human condition as a machine: “I produce, I program, I can do everything but love.”

With the many projects Cro has on the road besides music, the description of “The Machine” seems apt. The artist gives live shows, designs costumes and publishes his own artwork under the pseudonym “Carlito”. He even launched his work “Michelle” as a work of art at NFT this year. NFTs (Non-fungible Tokens), which thrive in the art scene, make it possible to attach a non-fungible ownership certificate to digital content.

Despite all the hustle and bustle, Cro has always managed to create a very special atmosphere with his music: being in the moment and being in it.